Most people are familiar with the concept of a warranty, but some aren’t familiar with them when pertaining to owning homes. In fact, even a purchase as large as a home can come with a warranty. For those who go through with a warranty plan, you’re usually given a certain time frame to follow through on a home inspection.

In general, warranties can cover a variety of circumstances. Some cover the listing while others only go into effect for the home buyer after the closing. Yet, other home warranties cover both scenarios.

Although most warranties cover home buyers for a period of one year, homeowners can actually choose to extend the coverage towards the end of their warranty’s term. Each home warranty will list out what items of the home will be covered and which will be excluded.

Despite having a home warranty, this doesn’t eliminate the need for home inspections. For those with a warranty, if they opt to follow through with an inspection, their insurance company could potentially be liable for any faults found in the property, not the homeowner.

By investing in a home inspection (especially one given by an experienced certified inspector), homeowners could save thousands of dollars. Without one, homeowners are left waiting for problems to become readily apparent, and by then it could very easily be too late.

But beyond serving clients, warranties and home inspections also work hand in hand to serve realtors. When realtors recommend home inspectors to their clients, instead of dissuading them, they are showing their clients first and foremost that realtors have their best interests in mind. This mentality can speak volumes about a realtor’s professionalism, and usually resonates with home buyers.

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