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Throughout Illinois, the weather has grown increasingly warm. This past weekend, news stations broadcast buzz phrases, such as “heat wave” and “heat dome”. But in such a warm environment, heat isn’t the only issue to find concerning.

As a matter of fact, this is the perfect temperature for toxic mold to thrive. Although mold has positive benefits (i.e. penicillin), most of us aren’t creating home-made pharmaceuticals.

While you can’t make your home “mold-proof”, you can take steps to make it “mold-resistant”.

Implement Mold-Resistant Materials

For those exploring the idea of a building a new home or merely renovating a room, this is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. For starters, use mold-resistant drywall, a paperless material that is water-resistant.

Meanwhile, traditional drywall materials are essentially composed of paper, which is highly susceptible to moisture.

Dry Wet Areas

Warm, humid weather contributes to moisture, making the summer prime time mold season. Although you can’t completely control the weather, you can control moisture abundance by quickly drying wet areas.

This isn’t just to say, “Wipe up when you spill.” Moisture can remain after basement flooding, or even from wet clothes in a washing machine left to sit overnight.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Similar to wet areas, a lack of ventilation can also increase mold throughout your home. From cooking to taking a shower, single rooms can warm up quite quickly.

Without a passage for fresh air, the moisture will be retained and build up at an alarming rate. Left to its own devices for a long enough period of time, that moisture can quickly develop mold, especially in vents.

Don’t Forego on a Home Inspection

A highly trained home inspector can spot these issues before they become so dire that your forced to leave the property, like in the case of the Nanaimo family.

When moving into any property, it’s best to have a clear idea of what’s in store, for better or worse.

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