When a family agrees to sell their property, one of the first questions that they have is most likely, “How much is my house worth?” They may run to Zillow, Trulia, or another platform to gather a baseline idea for their home’s value.

Although a home inspector typically isn’t the one to actually appraise the property in question, they can reveal a great deal of new information on the home’s condition. This can ultimately boost the market value once repairs and proper upkeep are taken into consideration.

When home sellers opt to conduct a pre-listing home inspection, they’ll have the upfront knowledge of any faults in the foundation. This information will be beneficial when deciding what repairs to focus on prior to the listing.

And for those who come out of the inspection without major issues, they’ll have the upper hand going into negotiations with any buyer. Not only does this signal good faith to the buyer, but it also allows the home seller to educate the other side on the quality condition of the property, far more than Zillow or Trulia could.

For home sellers who forego a pre-listing home inspection, they could later come to regret it. Regardless of whether sellers go through with the professional inspection, home buyers are almost certain to do so. And if any skeletons appear in the closet, prospective home buyers are likely to demand a severe price reduction, request repairs, or possibly even back out of the deal as a whole.

As a seller, if you’re still on the fence, consider that knowledge is power. And having a pre-listing home inspection done will supply sellers with that added knowledge before requesting a sales price.

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