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Even New Homes Need Inspections

May 22, 2018

When a new home is built, many assume that everything is perfect. After all, you controlled the entire home construction process from the ground up. But when reality sets in, homeowners with a newly constructed property are often surprised by the amount of issues that could have gone unnoticed.

For those convinced that their homes are built to meet construction codes, here’s a wake-up call: Building codes represent the bare minimum needed for a house to be legal. Unfortunately, this low-level requirement does not have every homeowner’s best interests in mind.

Even when new homes meet building codes, construction codes vary based on the region. But let’s say your team meets the requisite codes, regardless of the region. In that case, you still have to consider the job of a building inspector. They’re known to have hectic schedules and often short on time when it comes to checking every nook and cranny.

But even if that wasn’t an issue, properties are at the mercy of manufacturers in a wide range of cases. As long as manufacturers meet the legal requirements with their materials there is no legal recourse. And, once again, these requirements could be much lower than one would like.

At this point, it’s pretty clear that new properties should still have a home inspection. But we actually recommend two.

The first time the property is inspected should be prior to closing the walls. This way, the inspector can examine the frames and ensure that any systems in place were properly installed. The second time the property is inspected should be once the home is finalized. This is more typical of a routine home inspection and will help the inspector determine once and for all that everything is as it should be.

Regardless of a home being brand new, a home inspection is still a necessary part of property maintenance and care. By taking the time to invest in an inspection, you can ensure that your new property was built to last.

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